Samo da Znaš – Split 2024

I’m writing this post in English since this is how I communicated with most of you during our stay in Split.

John really enjoyed his Croation adventure, although it was quite difficult to get a street performer permit. When we finally got it, this is where it allowed us to play:

In English: „on the south side of the stew
With the help of a friendly local goblin we were able to identify the spot.

During our first gig, John showed a young bride how to control a man. She did so well that we strongly suspect she already knew.

Then it was mostly young men having a go at puppeteering.

They all did so great from the very beginning ..,

… moving their hands and fingers like professionals and pulling all the strings in perfect harmony.

Once again, I ask myself why I had to train at home for a few weeks before my first public performance.

I got more smiles from good-looking young men than even 40 years ago. This, of course, is the main reason for me being a puppeteer 🙂

I was surprised and delighted to see how many teenagers stopped by to ask for their favorite song or even tried playing for a while.

Then there were lovely children of all ages…

… and sometimes whole families sharing their laughter and their wonderfully fresh energy with us.

Some evenings John just wanted to go for a walk along the harbour promenade. After all, it was meant to be a holiday for all of us.

At the end, let us give you a little warning: When you go to the Marjan beach near Split, always wear bathing slippers!

The tiny local goblins are very aggressive, carry primitive weapons and are keen on attacking toes.

This is probably due to the fact that Split is a Game-of-Thrones filming location.

But even the most perfect holiday has to come to an end and now we are back home, washing the contents of our suitcase and hanging it out to dry on the balcony 🙂