June 2023 in Split

We had such a great time playing with you all!

Thank you for the laughter we shared and the pictures you let us take to keep the memory alive.

On the Riva in Split we met the nicest and most talented first-time puppeteers from Croatia and around the world.

We hope to see some of you again next year. Hopefully you will still be young enough to come play with us.

Or maybe you’ve already started building your own puppet and will be doing your own gig somewhere soon?

John had his own moment of bliss during our reggae show getting the attention of such a cool guy!

Our baby puppets also found their perfect match more than once.

In the evening John had some twilight encounters he will never forget 🙂

Had I not vetoed the proposal, he would have left me there and then!

Of course we also spent time on the beach.

Some of our goblins were born near the sea and very happy to return.

Since Split has been a Game of Thrones filming location, all tiny local goblins you see on the rocks are armed and it is not so easy any more to collect them 🙂

John was he only one who strictly refused to leave the air-conditioned apartment before 5 pm, claiming he had earned his rest.

If you played with us in Split and miss your picture on this page, please send us your memories of your time with us and give us permission to publish them here!

If you want to build your own little puppet, go to Selbermachen/DIY. For the moment, this section is only in German, but there are many pictures to help you understand how to do it.